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December 02023

Strange Supreme returns as the big bad in a wild What If...? Season 2 Episode 9 finale "What If... Strange Supreme Intervened?"


Heavy Spoilers [YouTube]

New Rockstars [YouTube]

ScreenCrush [YouTube]

[IMDb] [Fandom Marvel Database]

[31 December 02023]

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Stan Lee would have had his 101st birthday today! [Wikipedia]

Lee appeared in 50 films that grossed over $30 billion. All those cameos made him the highest-grossing person in film of all time.

[28 December 02023]

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The Superman Problem
[tips for telling stories for over-powered characters (like Dr. Strange)]

Marvel Comics And The Illusion Of Change
[navigating the paradox of changing enough to pique interest, but not so much to drive away the core audience]

Prose & Quan's by Quan Williams

[27 December 02023]

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Doctor Strange #10 is out!

Preview at Comics Continuum

Collected reviews at Comic Book Round Up

Variant cover regime at Midtown Comics

Entry at Fandom Marvel Database

[21 December 02023]

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Jonathan Majors Found Guilty Of Reckless Assault And Harassment; Trial Revealed Actor's "Cycle Of Psychological And Emotional Abuse" That Turned Violent, NY DA Says [Deadline]

Update: Jonathan Majors Fired By Disney/Marvel Studios After Assault Guilty Verdicts; Actor Had Played Kang The Conqueror [Deadline]

The actor was set for life to play Kang in the MCU. Now he faces jail time instead. Speculating about the path forward: Drop Kang plans as the main MCU antagonist going forward ("Calling Doom, calling Dr. Doom...")? Actor swap? And/or Kang variants- they certainly have the variant storytelling mechanism available to them.

Update: Marvel Studios Is Looking For A New Big Bad As It Begins Erasing Kang From Its MCU Plans (And Movie Titles) [Popverse]

[18 December 02023]

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Disney Vs. Ditko Ends With Settlement Over Spider-Man And Other Marvel Hero Rights [Deadline] ["an amicable resolution"]

Also: [Bleeding Cool]

[17 December 02023]

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ICv2: Comics Direct Market 50th Anniversary: year-long series of commentary, interviews, and history

[6 December 02023]

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Progressive Ruin major milestone: 20 years of comics blogging: Wow! How?? Congrats! Excelsior!

[5 December 02023]

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Dungeons & Dragons stamps to mark the game's 50th anniversary

U.S. Postal Service Reveals Additional Stamps For [0]2024

[4 December 02023]

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