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February 02024

Today marks 24 Years of Neilalien comic book/Doctor Strange/Steve Ditko/geek weblog goodies! Excelsior!

[25 February 02024]

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Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines [Brooklyn Museum- Current Exhibitions]

American Counterculture, Glimpsed Through Zines [New Yorker]

Review: When Zines Walked The Earth [NY Times]

[23 February 02024]

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Trust in CGC-slabbed collectible comic books badly hit by reholdering scams

Instagram post by Manu/The 9.9 Newsstand with observations that started it all

The CGC Reholder Scam, Hundreds Of Fraudulent Comics Sold- What To Do If You're Affected [Personal Finance Advice]

CGC Reholder Scam List Of 350 Fraud Comics, And Chilling Effect For Collectibles Investors [Personal Finance Advice]

CGC Comic Book Reholder SCAM | Will CGC Lose Collector Trust? | How To Avoid These Books! [Action Figure Grader video on YouTube]

CGC Reholder Scam! Two More Comics And A New Scam! [YouTube video by AutomaticComics; mutliple videos]

Breaking News! Comic Book Scammers Are Getting Good Or Maybe CGC Is Getting Sloppy... [YouTube video by Swagglehaus; multiple videos]

Exploring The CGC Reholdering Scandal [Immaculate Comics video on YouTube, with a heat gun]

Updated: CCG And CGC Comics Statement On Holder Tampering Incident

Today: A Letter From Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO Of The Certified Collectibles Group

Massive discussion thread at CGC Forums

Updating... Trying to find the most effective links, best recaps and explanations, for brevity, for historical preservation, crediting the parties most getting the word out, etc...

[19 February 02024]

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The Doc Doll: Doctor Strange in Captain America #3-6 [#6 out 7 Feb]

Doc on the cover of #6. Doc assists Cap against a serial killer empowered by the demon Asmoday- your standard "normie hero encounters the occult and needs Doc's help" appearance- but not a team-up- as mystical advisor, and eventually by placing the Eye of Agamotto in the middle of Cap's shield to create the most absurdly powerful frisbee of all time.

But more importantly, something new starting in #3: Doc Doll! Doc has apparently invested a small piece of himself into 47 figurines- creepy little dolls that look like him- avatars, astral-projection range extenders (like wi-fi?), etc.- and gave them to trusted allies around the world. He can project his astral form into them, animate them, and interact with the physical world in ways he can't while in astral form.

And in a pinch, you only need the head of Doc Doll! It pops right off. It likes finding mints in pockets.

The command words: The Wizard of Oz's "There's no place like home."

Neilalien enjoys this idea. It's Dr. Strange- creative, magickal, and a little creepy. And funny. Daredevil can't do this. We've seen Doc astrally enter people and control their bodies many times before.

But: Neilalien is concerned. Isn't this a huge vulnerability for Doc now? Did he have to "invest a small piece of himself"? Hasn't he just distributed 47 voodoo dolls that can be used against him now? Wasn't Young Emergency Strange when Doc died also a spun-off part of himself? How much of "himself" has he got?

Captain America's New Sidekick Is The Most Unnerving Sorcerer Supreme Of All Time [CBR]

Fan speculation list: Who are the 47 allies who got figurines? [Doctor Strange Daily Appreciation]

Note the figurine used in this appearance is in the possession of Misty Knight; she is one of Doc's allies, and/or the figurine was given to the Aberrant Crimes Division of the FBI

Only needing the doll's head reminds of tropes Cranial Processing Unit and Oracular Head

47 [Wikipedia] [a prime number; a "strictly non-palindromic number"? Neilalien harrumphs]

[13 February 02024]

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Doctor Strange #12 is out! [7 Feb]

Preview at Graphic Policy

Collected reviews at Comic Book Round Up

Variant cover regime at Midtown Comics [like the Darboe Marvel '97 although it doesn't evoke Marvel's nor Doc's best years of comics]

Entry at Fandom Marvel Database

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Additional recent Doctor Strange appearances:

Thanos #3 [also out 7 Feb]
Doc on cover. Death makes a deal with the Illuminati- the new batch with Blue Marvel and White Queen- Doc present- in order to experience human life and death.

Daredevil #5 [out 17 Jan]
Your standard Doc last-page cameo. But he looks awesome by artist Farid Karami! Doc on the cover of #6 next [out 21 Feb].

[12 February 02024]

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New X-Men #135: Quentin Quire And The Death Of Punk
[Jake Murray at Shelfdust] [long essay/analysis; Morrison/Quitely praise; "Punk itself, therefore, was little more than a set of simulacra, detached from its reality and reduced to a 'style' that symbolised rebellion while preserving the status quo... New X-Men #135 is a story about how terrorists are created."] [via Graeme McMillan]

[6 February 02024]

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Incredible: Dead Strange collectible figure from Hot Toys

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness MMS654 Dead Strange 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure [BigBadToyStore]

First Look: Dead Strange Sixth Scale Figure By Hot Toys [Sideshow] [great Unboxing Video] [in pre-order, shipping this month]

[5 February 02024]

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50 Years Ago, Dr. Strange's Creative Team Pulled A Hoax To Protect A Controversial Tale
[Brian Cronin at CBR] [the latest telling of one of Neilalien's favorite stories: the fake flattering Reverend Billingsley letter by Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner in Doctor Strange #3 to blunt Stan Lee skittishness re: Marvel Premiere #14's Sise-Neg God story]

[4 February 02024]

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